Droitwich Canals Restoration - Rugby Club Accommodation Bridge

This website has information about and pictures of the restoration of the Droitwich Canals 2008-2011 Pictures and text by Peter Lee

This is an aerial view of the site where the access road to Droitwich Rugby Club will be re-aligned and carried over the Junction Canal by a new accommodation bridge. The left hand picture shows the site with the present access road. Superimposed on the right hand picture are the line of the new cut (in blue) and the re-aligned access road (in grey). The new bridge will, in fact, be constructed more like a culvert, using the corrugated steel pipe arch technique (see here). This appears to be a way of saving money on the project.

LOCATION: The Rugby Club bridge is at NGR SO 915 631, lat/long: 52 16' 00"N, 2 07' 29"W or see Streetmap or Google Maps.

Small version of picture Small version of picture

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